Les demons / Demons (Year 1973 / 1080p)

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Les demons / Demons (Year 1973 / 1080p)

Condemned to burn at the stake, a witch casts a spell upon the three persons who had her convicted : Judge Jeffries, his counselor William Renfries and Lady de Winter. Her daughters, Kathleen and Margaret, will be the instruments of her revenge. Shaken by these threats, Jeffries orders the two children of the supposed witch to be found. They’re located in a Blackmoor convent where they’re about to take their vows. Lady de Winter and Renfield discover that Kathleen, the youngest daughter, is no longer a virgin. She is brought to Jeffries’ castle where she’s subjected to questioning. Lady de Winter takes great pleasure in witnessing the torture of the young girl but Renfield, troubled by her beauty, takes pity on her. Lord de Winter, who’s actually the father of the two girls, bribes two guards and Kathleen escapes.Lady de Winter thinks that Renfield is responsible for the escape. She reports him to Jeffries who, incapable of believing that his right-hand man would betray his trust, orders Renfield to find the fugitive girl. During the night, the Devil enters the convent under the guise of a handsome young man. He materializes in Margaret’s cell and initiates her to satanism. Margaret perverts the Mother Superior which drives her to commit suicide. The young girl then flees the convent. Renfield finds Kathleen and having fallen in love with her, he asks her to run away with him to another country. The lovers are found before they can accomplish their plans. Renfield is tortured and locked up in the same dungeon as Kathleen. The girl intercedes with Jeffries and pleads with him to spare her lover. Jeffries breaks his vow of chastity and makes love to her in exchange of a written promise that he destroys the following morning. Dressed as a man, Margaret is intercepted by Lady de Winter’s escort. She is invited up to the castle to take part in the festivities. After the party, Lady de Winter retires in the company of Margaret. The young girl gives the Devil’s kiss to the corrupt noblewoman who dies. Assisted by Lord de Winter, Renfield escapes with the two sisters who are finally reunited. During a halt, Margaret, who has recognized Renfield as one of her mother’s killers, kisses him on the lips during his sleep and he turns into a skeleton. Kathleen is horrified by her sister’s powers and surrenders her to the crowd. Captured by Jeffries’ guards, she is subjected to the judgment of God, recognized as a witch and condemned to burn at the stake. Right before the fire is lit, Margaret asks the executioner for a last wish : a kiss of redemption. Feeling magnanimous, Jeffries accepts and turns into a skeleton in front of the horrified onlookers. Kathleen flees into the woods and reaches the cabin of an old blind woman who will introduce her to witchcraft…

Genre : Erotic, Horror, Vintage, 1080p
Country: France
Name: Anne Libert, Britt Nichols, Doris Thomas, Karin Field, Cihangir Gaffari, Luis Barboo, Howard Vernon, Alberto Dalbes, Rosa Palomar

Year of release : 1973

File Type: mp4
Les demons / Demons (Year 1973 / 1080p)
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